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Frequently Asked Questions

Safety is our primary concern and sometimes we have to cancel boat charters due to poor boating conditions. We are happy to either reschedule your tour or charter to another day or time, or if rescheduling your charter or tour is not possible, we will always offer a full refund. We will never charge you if we can’t get you out due to weather.

If you need to cancel your boat charter due to any reason, we need at least a 24 hour notice in order to receive a full refund. Cancelations made after that cannot be refunded. If we cancel for any reason then you will receive a full refund.

We are considered a pleasure cruise and prefer leaving the fishing to the pros that do it every day. We can recommend some great inshore and offshore Captains. If you are booking a full day or half day charter and would like to spend some of the time fishing, not a problem. We will supply tackle but you will need to supply your own fishing license. A fishing license can be obtained online at

US Coastguard Regulations permit us to carry no more than 6 passengers (including small children). We recommend anyone with 7 to 12 guests, contact us and we can arrange for a 2nd boat at an additional charge.

It’s what we do! Our Captains are the best at knowing the habits of our local dolphin. Our waterways are home to over 150 Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins. These dolphin aren’t what you would consider a pod but more of what is called an identifiable social unit. These dolphin are constantly on the move in our area. We work very hard to find the dolphin for you. Please know, dolphin are wild animals, we can’t always predict where they will be. We do see dolphin on over 95% of our tours though. Booking a half day, full day charter or sunset tour? No worries, we always make time for finding the dolphin on all of our tours. Want to learn more about the dolphin in our area? Check out The Sarasota Dolphin Research Program’s, The Dolphins of Sarasota Bay Website.

Absolutely, beer wine or alcohol are all allowed on the boat. Please, no glass containers.

Your Captain is always working to make sure that your Adventure is one that will be memorable. All of our Charter Captains strive to do an amazing job for you. If you feel like you received great service, your generosity is always appreciated by your Captain. Tips may be left on your credit card or Venmo too, just let your Captain know.

International travelers can always contact us on WhatsApp by dialing +1 941-445-2162. Text or Call toll free internationally. 

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